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“I know what I want to say, I just can't express it as well as I would like to." Speaking freely and accurately – for some this is just a nice thought but, for many others it is an essential necessity. Maybe you are at school and you really need to improve your English grades, maybe you are student at university and so much of your coursework is in English. You could be a professional in a company where the next step in your career requires you to speak English with high proficiency. Tensemaster is here to help you reach your goal faster. How do we do that, you might ask. Tensemaster is, first and foremost, designed as a companion resource that teaches the English Tenses in depth. With a thorough understanding of the different uses of Time in the English language all other grammar aspects become much easier to grasp. Easily understandable and engaging, Tensemaster guides you step by step through the elements that you need to finally speak and write without hesitation. Whatever course you have chosen to study English, this companion will enhance your learning experience and you will quickly see the results that you are after.

Our Method

TenseMaster is based on the fact that the tenses are the foundation of speaking English successfully. Very often they are only taught like an abstract formular which you simply have to learn. That's not fun and it also makes them easy to forget or to confuse. With TenseMaster we have developed a new method in which we explain the "how" and, more importantly, the "why" of each tense. Every language has its own concept of time and the key to confidently speaking is understanding this concept. Through a variety of  interactive exercises, visual examples and realistic dialogues you will learn to understand and build the natural flow of conversation. Aside from the traditional grammatical tense structure of "Form, Usage, and Time" we have developed two new elements which hold the real key to understanding! With FOCUS and ASPECT you learn to take a native speaker's perspective and at the same time you will see and understand how this view can be very different from your own native language. Whether you simply want to speak better and more relaxed or study the English language in depth, TenseMaster is the ideal resource and companion for all your needs.

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Two Small Elements = Big Effect



Traditional teaching methods often rely on presentation and repetition. Your native language and its understanding of time are rarely taken into consideration. With FOCUS we are filling this important gap.  Here we take the viewpoint of your native language and explain why some English tenses can be difficult to grasp.  The main reason for this is rooted in the fact that you have a different concept of time in a grammatical sense.  Once these differences are understood and accepted, navigating and using the English tenses correctly becomes much easier.


ASPECT describes the view of time from an English speaker's perspective. Are they looking ahead, are they talking about the past or is it about something that is still ongoing?
Each language has its own understanding of time and its unique method of utilising it linguistically. In order to be able to speak English correctly and with confidence it is vital to understand these differences.


TenseMaster is a great tool for all your learning needs.  As a conversation course it offers you quick and easy help in finding a way to say exactly what you want. Or you can simply use it as a refresher and a resource to help with the English tenses. With a solid understanding of the tense system the rest of the English grammar is much easier to learn. You can learn to communicate confidently in your job or free time or simply enjoy your holidays abroad. Chat with people across the world. As a companion resource TenseMaster will help you to maximise your investment in other learning platforms. Whether you use Babbel, Duolingo or any other language provider, TenseMaster will help you to make the most of your studies.


Access & Pricing

7 Days Free Trial – simply create an account to gain access to TenseMaster. All you need is an email address and a password.
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PREMIUM - Get 1 year unlimited access to TenseMaster including all updates for just 17.99 Euro. Easy and secure payment via PayPal.
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Security & Data Protection

All your account information is private and confidential. We will never give your personal information to a third party. We only store information that is strictly necessary for your access to the product.

What we offer

  • Introduction to the 9 main tenses
  • Step by step explanations
  • Examples and exercises with real life conversations
  • Vocabulary list
  • A modern approach to traditional grammar


  • Interactive exercises
  • Reading and Listening exercises
  • Special Focus Section - This explains how other languages use their unique concept of time in grammar


  • Accessible via all devices
  • Platforms: Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, macOS
  • Quick and light
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